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Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Landewyck take our social and environmental responsibilities very seriously. For this reason, we constantly strive to achieve a balance between the three pillars of responsible corporate social responsibility (CSR) in all areas of our Group’s activities.

CSR is based on three interrelated pillars: society, the environment and the economy. After all, a company’s economic success also depends on its ability to assume its social and environmental responsibilities. And conversely, a company can only contribute to the protection of society and the environment if it operates profitably.

More than ever, Landewyck wants to contribute to a positive economy that combines the management of environmental impact, transparency, traceability and exemplarity. In addition, we want our CSR commitment to contribute to some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations. They point the way to a better and more sustainable future for all and represent a response to the global challenges we face in the social, environmental and economic spheres.

Our commitment is expressed above all in what we have already implemented:

  • Partnership with ECLT (Eliminating Child Labor in Tobacco Growing Foundation).
  • Safe, ergonomic and pleasant working environment
  • Responsible procurement policy
  • Preference for cooperation with local companies
  • Continuous and substantial investment in research and development
  • Responsible marketing and sales practices
  • 2020: Opening of modern Fridhaff site with reduced environmental footprint
  • Responsible innovative products
  • Donation of large green areas to the City of Luxembourg as part of the redevelopment of the Hollerich site.

Questions? Please feel free to contact our CSR team.