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The RYO cigarettes are rolled by hand by the smoker himself. One RYO consists of tobacco and a cigarette paper. This tobacco is sold in a tobacco pouch, the filters are sold separately. However, traditional RYO are smoked without filters.

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The biggest difference between the production of cigarette tobacco and roll-your-own tobacco is that the latter requires the tobacco leaves to remain whole throughout the process. For the production of RYO twist tobacco, whole tobacco leaves are used, which are cut with a cutting width of only 0.2-0.3 mm. This results in thin, long tobacco threads that can be easily twisted at a humidity of 20%.

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(1) Filling

(2) Rotate

(3) Closing


In the best-known rolling method, the smoker rolls his cigarette manually. Here, a special paper sheet for cigarettes is taken, which is held with the sticky side up and onto which the desired amount of tobacco is evenly distributed.


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